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"As a busy business executive who travels extensively and often with little time to spare, it is a pleasure to call upon ALR Chauffeured Transportation for my ground transportation requirements here in Atlanta, GA.

ALR always provides that all important 'human touch', reliability, dependability and prompt service. My driver Amy Russell is always ready and able to provide impeccable service often at a moment's notice.

Amy consistently arrives before time, with a pristine vehicle, possess excellent customer service, and has impeccable driving skills.

Atlanta traffic can be very challenging, however, ALR is very cognizant of this and is always monitoring the logistics and plans the trip accordingly.

"I have worked with ALR for the past two years and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Thank you for providing such a dependable professional service synonymous with such value for money."

Excellent Service - We flew an applicant in for an interview and ALR was their first impression at the airport. Giving the applicant an idea of just how we at ATS do business. They were impressed and very pleased!"

"I traveled to Atlanta twice in 2012 and each time had the pleasure of being transported to and from my business meeting by Amy Russell. Amy is a true professional - very business-like but she has combined professionalism with warm southern charm. From my first trip with Amy I felt like I was driving with a friend. How many of your drivers do you get a hug from?"


"ALR Limo service was phenomenal. They really zipped me in and out. This limo service was phenomenal in both directions. Both drivers were courteous and friendly."

"I have used ALR Luxury Car & Limo, LLC, for three years and have been pleased with their service from the initial pickup. ALR is always on time and do all the extra things to assist you. I appreciate the travel manifest they send out the day before pickup informing me of who my driver is and the location of pickup that has been a big help learning my way around the airport. I will continue to recommend ALR to anyone in need of transportation."

"We have been using ALR Luxury Car and Limo services since Summer 2012 for our trips to the airport, and have had excellent service. Quick response, courteous drivers, on time service, and affordable rates. Highly recommended!"
"Over more than 30 years of business travel, ALR stands out as the most reliable and professional car service provider I have experienced. When I book transportation with Amy, I am confident I will arrive at my destination on time and undisturbed by some of the typical hazards I have encountered with other car services, like long wait times, drivers who are unfamiliar with the area, and grime and cigarette smoke that cling to my clothing. Amy is always on time, her cars are impeccably clean, her reservation and billing efficient, and her attitude warm and friendly. She is a terrific ambassador for the city of Atlanta!"
When someone asks me about ALR Luxury Car & Limo, I respond as follows: They are reliable, dependable, courteous, professional and offer nice cars, competitive costs and attention to detail! I have enjoyed working with you.
"Since I moved to Atlanta I had been searching for a professional car service that was reliable, clean and offered good customer service. ALR Luxury Car & Limo has exceeded my expectations. Drivers are always on time and the entire experience to and from is always impeccable! I would highly recommend her company for those travelers who demand the best in service."
"I am writing this letter to express our genuine appreciation for ALR Luxury Car & Limo for the service that they have provided for us and our clients. In particular we want to reference the service of Miss Amy Russell the owner for responding to our call for help after having to let go of another Car service. We have had other Limo services assist us and our clients but we did not find their customer service satisfactory. Our company prides itself on great customer service and we expect the same from those that help us in accommodating our clients when visiting us or when we are trying to impress upon our clients the type of service we provide when they fly in to our city. ALR service has been delivered timely and early in most cases. We have been grateful to experience the courtesy, politeness and pleasant demeanor of their staff. We want to thank Miss Russell for taking our calls and responding in the last minute situations that made our company and employees look like Angels in uncontrollable situations. Envision is looking forward to the valued service that ALR provides and the growth that I am sure is to come because of it. We are expecting and looking forward to working with ALR in the coming months, and as we grow the coming years!"

Allow us to make you a believer!

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