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Atlanta’s premiere provider of concierge companion transportation for seniors, kids, and veterans.
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Concierge Companion Transportation for Norcross Residents


Offering unmatched concierge companion transportation services in Norcross, GA, we serve seniors and veterans with timely and reliable rides.

With a focus on experience and professionalism, our chauffeurs ensure timely and courteous destination arrivals through our concierge companion transportation services.

With a fleet consisting of Cadillac and Mercedes Benz sedans and top-tier SUVs, our concierge companion transportation offers exceptional travel comfort. Note, services for electronic wheelchairs are currently unavailable.

Choose our concierge companion transportation services for these benefits over other private transportation services:

  • Luxury vehicles with professional chauffeur service
  • Chauffeurs are thoroughly vetted, including fingerprint and background checks
  • Easy-to-use reservation system accessible 24/7
  • Customized service plans to suit individual client needs
  • Transport services for dialysis and cancer treatment appointments
  • Assistance available for shopping, entertainment, and errands
  • Support tailored for mobility aids such as walkers and canes
  • Reliable companionship and assistance until clients are securely home

Connect with us to experience unparalleled concierge companion transportation services!

Personalized Transportation Services for Seniors & Veterans


We know the difficulties seniors and veterans encounter in navigating the busy streets of Norcross.

Benefit from our private transportation services for seniors and veterans, which include a dedicated driver-companion for medical appointments, errands, procedures, and home assistance.

For those in Norcross, our transportation services for seniors exceed traditional limits by:

  • Offering aid with walkers, canes, and wheelchairs
  • Accompanying clients as a dedicated companion until they are dropped off
  • Employing trained chauffeurs skilled in providing caring and reassuring service
  • Supporting clients throughout their entire travel experience

If you need transportation services for seniors' medical appointments, help after those appointments, or leisure outings, our chauffeurs are focused on promoting the well-being and independence of veterans and seniors.

Specialized transportation services for seniors and veterans are sometimes unknown to those who need them. We are committed to informing and providing a trustworthy, thorough service that caters to your complete needs.

Call us today to learn how you can benefit from our transportation services for seniors!

The Benefits of Private Transportation Services in Norcross


Our private transportation services in Norcross offer an enhanced, personalized travel experience, making them a superior alternative to conventional ride-sharing services.

Our private transportation services offer Norcross dwellers these enhancements for their journeys:

  • Predictable, relaxed travel experiences
  • Consistent pricing with upfront rates
  • Professional, friendly chauffeurs as companions
  • Industry-leading safety protocols
  • Booking that’s easy and always punctual

Booking your private transportation service is simple with ALR Chauffeured Transportation. Our seamless reservation process is accessible 24/7 by phone, email, or online. For more information, call 404-933-9741.