3 Reasons to Try Wine Tasting in the North Georgia Mountains (Book Your Next Trip!)

3 Reasons to Try Wine Tasting in the North Georgia Mountains (Book Your Next Trip!)

Now that the cooler months are coming to an end and spring has sprung, you might be looking for some fun activities to do over the course of the next few months. ALR Chauffeured Transportation has just announced new wine tours in Georgia’s northern mountains. If you’ve never gone wine tasting before, you might be wondering if it’s something you want to try. Here are three reasons to try wine tasting in the North Georgia mountains this spring!

1. Enjoy beautiful scenery

The beauty of the North Georgia mountains is unparalleled. If you like the sound of spending a day in the mountains, then you might enjoy embarking on wine tours in Georgia this spring. Wine tasting is a great way to enjoy an adventure in the mountains!

2 .Discover new wineries

Whether you’re a wine newbie or a connoisseur, you will be enthralled to learn about the amazing wineries nestled in the North Georgia wineries. Each of these wineries has its own unique history and background, as well as stories to tell. If you’ve been wanting to try some of the best wineries in Georgia, then a wine tasting in the North Georgia mountains is just the ticket!

3. Learn more about wine

There’s so much to learn about wine, and with every tasting, you learn just a bit more. Discover variants in flavor, age, and much more when you embark on a North Georgia mountain wine tasting adventure!

If this sounds like a fantastic way to spend a day, carefree and wine tasting in some of Georgia’s most beautiful terrain, then we invite you to check out ALR Chauffeured Transportation’s exclusive ALR Intimate Wine Tour this spring. You’ll be chauffeured by one of our fine staff members to three wineries, where you’ll enjoy up to 15 tastings. You’ll receive a special gift bag, water, and snacks along this 8-9 hour adventure. If you’d like a vineyard tour or special lunch stop, our team can arrange that for you.

Whether you want to create an unforgettable bachelorette party, ladies day, family day, or other special event, we can create a personalized tour for your group of 8-14 people. We offer convenient pickup at the Downtown Whole Foods, Perimeter Mall, and Stone Crest Mall. All of this is just $125 per person!

Reach out today to schedule your Georgia winery tours today!

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